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Choose the right Fire Extinguisher

Get the right fire extinguisher to meet your company’s needs. Each portable fire extinguisher is suited for a different type or class of fire, and therefore it is important that you have the right ones for your industry. For example, CO2 extinguishers—sometimes called a dry fire extinguisher—are useful in kitchens. Grease and fat fires cannot be put out with water nor wet chemicals, so they must be suppressed with CO2 or even AFFF foam.

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Ensure Your Property and Occupants are well protected

If you are unsure which fire extinguisher is right for your business or if you need your current extinguishers inspected and re-tagged, our certified team is here to help. We will gladly go over fire and safety regulations, explain portable fire extinguisher types and fire classifications, which is important so you know which extinguishers work on what fires, and inspect your existing extinguishers per OSHA regulations.

  • Ensure you get the portable fire extinguisher that meets your needs. We carry a wide selection of extinguishers to make sure your property is well protected.
  • Learn about fire and safety and fire classifications in order to promote fast response time. Understanding what to do in case of a fire and which portable fire extinguisher is required in each area is crucial to minimizing property damage and saving lives.
  • Get your current fire extinguisher inspected and re-tagged. OSHA requires an annual inspection of all commercial fire extinguishers and our team is certified to provide this service quickly and affordably.
  • Replace a faulty or empty fire extinguisher quickly. We offer 24/7 emergency services and fast response times.
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