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Certified Backflow System Testing

Keep your backflow system fully operational and free of contaminants when you rely on us. Our team provides backflow testing to make sure your system is operating correctly and can install a backflow preventer to prevent cross-contamination between your potable water and contaminants. 


Accel Fire Systems provides our testing/service technicians with all regulatory required training and certification that is renewed as required every two years. We provide them with the best quality test equipment available.

We provide:

  • New installation and retrofit installations, including initial testing and commissioning.
  • Annual testing and certification as required by state law and health codes.
  • Repair and rebuild of these devices.
  • Replacement, if for any reason an existing device cannot be repaired or continued to be used.

We have direct contact with the various manufacturers of these devices and their technical assistance groups for the times that we may need to verify an issue regarding specific brand or model of backflow device.

We can provide replacement parts and repair kits for any backflow device through our contacts throughout the family of manufacturers of these devices.

We also provide hydraulic calculations to verify that a specific backflow size and model will allow the water supply system to provide the water demand volume and pressure required.

For more information about what a backflow system does and the services necessary to keep it fully operational, click here


  • Prevent contamination of your potable water with a backflow preventer. Backflow preventers are necessary for keeping your water source free of harmful chemicals that are often the result of certain processes, like food processing and fire sprinkler systems.
  • Get your backflow system tested to ensure it’s operating correctly. We perform certified inspections and testing on all backflow devices, not just those that protect fire protection systems.
  • Rest easy knowing your backflow system is in capable hands. Our technicians undergo all necessary certification and training, getting their certifications renewed every two years as required.
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